Jorjani Gallery is creating a warm and tasteful space to unite both professional artists and upcoming talents with emerging buyers and professional collectors. Within the friendly space of our cozy, midsize gallery , we have provided an attractive way for the artists to enhance their exposure and business while their art.

We know that it is difficult for the artists to market themselves while focusing on their art , furthermore , we understand that this distress is much harsher on the young and upcoming artists without a sufficient financial back up , therefore one of the main focuses of Jorjani gallery is to find these talents and support them by offering them marketing , consultation, education and optimally to introduce them to the international market.

Jorjani gallery is also going to keep fulfilling the maintenance of it’s high artistic standards of ripe and polish high art with inviting all the influential and leading artists to participate and share their work at Jorjani gallery and to show their support for the young artists.

To fully understand who we are and how we can help, we invite you to visit us here at Jorjani gallery and to join us in our upcoming events.
Whether you are a professional or a young artists, whether a first time buyer or a professional collector we are here to ensure you satisfaction in teaming up whit Jorjani gallery. We look forward to see you here soon.